Artist & owner of Aurora Alkemical Arts creates spagyrics and alchemical living concentrated essences of the plant, animal, mineral & metal kingdoms for healing, daily living, dream work exploration, and soulful inner work.

     David’s goal is to help each person connect to Mother Nature’s essence from her offerings, to unlock the key that resonates within each one of us, as taught by the ancient masters.

     Aurora Alkemical Arts; We create Spagyrics which are Highly Concentrated Living Medicinal Extractions From Plants or Herbs, Expressed Through a Particular Planetary Signature to Nurture, Balance and Harmonize the Three Philosophical Principles in Each of Our Bodies: 

  •  Salt -Physical Body,
  •  Mercury  -Mental/Spiritual/Intellectual
  •  Sulfur -Soul Level, Protect, Work, Create & Commune with Our Inner-selves