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Creating Spagyrics for Health, Wellbeing

and Lifestyles

  • Tinctures

    Gentlest of Remedies, Truly wonderful in use & hand-made.

  • Spagyric Tinctures

    Traditional Remedies, Beverages, Tonics, Recreations of the Classics,

    these are the Easiest to Start with, for those that are sensitive. 

    The Experiences are much softer & gentler in Actions than the higher level spagyrics.

    Spagyric Tinctures 
  • Essences

    Salt = Physical Body level; great for physical problems and ailments,

    regular maintenance/ balance, upkeep and fine tuning oneself. 

    The grounding roots of a plant showcases its stability or flexibility

    that supplies nutrients to itself.


    Spiritualized Essences

    Mercury = Mental/Spiritual/Intellectual level; improving our ‘Chi’ or life force/energy or

    flexibility in our emotional states.  A connecting of mental cognizance and our spirit throughout. 

    In the plant, it is this intelligence and the vital juices that continually flow up and

    down the stalk communicating this life force to all the extremities.

    Spiritualized Essences 
  • Magistery

    Sulfur = Soul level; great for directly connecting to the ‘Truest’ Essence of Ourselves, to the Plant and 

    Planet by which it is governed.  By connecting with the higher dimensions and true planetary energies, our souls’ work/creations and karmaic issues are easier to expand into, work & feel with Magistries.

  • Ilixirs

    Spagyric Formulas created to connect with one’s; inner-self, mission, highest  intentions,

    meditations and intentions to assist in progressing further in one’s path.

  • Harmony

    Spagyrics working with two or more planets in Harmony for more diverse working and

    strength for each planetary attributes to align in the body.

  • Mineral / Metal

    Higher Level Spagyrics for deeper healing, work and insight

    Mineral / Metal 
  • Alchemical Perfumes

    Essential Oil = Pure Essential Oils Extracted Philosophically   

    For Topical or Ritual Use Only

    Alchemical Perfumes 
  • Gift Cards

    Nature is Truly the Best Medicine. -Hippocrates.

    Let the power of nature heal you & connect with your senses. 

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